Seven Critical Pillars

To bring about the type of change needed, we must institute policies, programs and standards that value the critical importance of mental health and promote well-being for all. Our areas of focus include:
  1. Early Identification and Prevention: Achieve optimal outcomes through prevention, early identification and intervention, with a targeted focus on children, youth, young adults and families.

  2. Emergency and Crisis Response: Improve crisis response and suicide/overdose prevention.

  3. Equity: Address social/political constructs and historical systemic injustices, such as racism and discriminatory structures and policies, that disproportionately impact the mental health of people of color. Eliminate inequitable conditions for people with mental health and substance use conditions.
  4. Integration: Improve access to services and quality of care by integrating physical health, mental health and substance use services.

  5. Parity: Ensure fair and equivalent services and coverage for mental health and substance use disorders.

  6. Standards: Hold systems accountable to evidence-based standards of care that improve outcomes and quality of life.

  7. Workforce: Increase the number and diversity of mental health and substance use disorder workers and providers.